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CALICE software

CALICE software

CALICE software documentation

This page and the links should help you using the CALICE software package for HCAL studies in FLC group at DESY.

If any documentation for calice software is missing here, please send an email to Shaojun Lu. The required documentation will be created, or a link will be provided here.

Computing at FLC and DESY

You may need some computing resouce access permit. The following information will help you to prepare your personal account, certificate, and storage space.

CALICE software at DESY

The following links will help you on getting start an analysis job with pre-installed CALICE software at DESY. And the basic knowledge about the CALICE software.

CALICE analysis tips

CALICE condition database

CALICE Simulation and digitization

Software development documentation

Wiki documentation

Figure 1:Display of an hadronice shower, induced by a 30GeV pion, in the CALICE detectors.
Figure 1: A hadronic shower in the CALICE detectors.

We have a CALICE Wiki, and a FLC Wiki. They offer help on many other useful information.

A more general overview of the CALICE software is given on the CALICE Wiki pages.

It is a wiki, so everybody working on HCAL simulation, digitization, or reconstruction is welcome to contribute.

More software

The ILC software documentation and guidelines can be found on the main ILC software portal
MonteCarlo simulations of testbeam data can be found with our database browser, or with the CALICE wiki pages

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